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General Conditions
  • All subscription fees cannot be refunded.
  • Customer agrees to pay the fixed subscription fees in advance as described in the application form, as well as the used bandwidth, failure to do so, the service provider shall have the right to immediately terminate the services and all sums due shall immediately become payable.
  • In case of providing any additional services to the customer it will be added to the contract as a supplement/supplements and thissupplement / supplements are considered a part of the originalcontract. breach of Egypt's laws and regulations.
  • CompuSharm is obliged to provide the service to the customer, but is not obliged to his financial or commercial transactions, and the service provider shall not be responsible for any financial losses
  • CompuSharm  does not guarantee that the service will be free of errors, or that it might stop temporarily, due to unforeseen outages.
  • If the customer rents a CPE from CompuSharm , this contract is automatically considered to be valid for one year starting the day it is signed. The contract will be automatically renewed unless the customer submits a termination request within at least15 days before contract expiry date, and provided the customer returns the CPE in perfect condition, otherwise CompuSharm will have the rights to take the proper legal action
  • The customer is obliged to use the service offered to him through CompuSharm for personal or business use at the address mentioned in the applicaton, and that he is not allowed to redistribute/resell/share the service with others for free or for charges, otherwise CompuSharm will have the rights to take all the required legal actions.
•Installation Period
  • Compusharm activates the service within 15 working days from the day of receiving service application form and payment.
  • The period applies only to greater Cairo and Alexandria.
• Service Suspension and Termination
  • The customer has the right to suspend the service temporarily for any suitable reason, knowing that temporary suspension fees are 30 L.E per month to be paid in advance.
  • Compusharm has the right to suspend the service temporary if the customer does not renew his subscription on time or if any invoice is not paid on/before due date.
  • The customer has the right to terminate the contract by filling an official request after paying all its financial receivables, knowing that cancellation orders will be ready after 15 days of filling the request.
• Compusharm provides ADSL service if the phone line status is not one of the following cases:
  • Fiber, Pairgain, PBX, land networks, wireless, etc..
  • The Accounting information is not updated on T.E systems.
  • ISDN should be terminated (if exist) before applying on CompuSharm ADSL service
  • The lines registered on T.E system as a call center
  • Last phone bill should be paid
  • The Line registered with another ISP, customer should provide CompuSharm with the cancellation order before signing this contract.
• Switching between Limited and unlimited packages
  • The customer will have to pay a non‐refundable admin fee of 50LE in order to switch from limited packages to unlimited packages and vice versa
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